The web-based software test ImPACT offers the most widely used and scientifically valided concussion evaluation system.



The MAC Alliance uses the ImPACT (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessement and Testing) concussion evaluation system. This sophisticated, web-based software test offers the most widely used and scientifically validated, computerized concussion evaluation system.  A computer and mouse is used to measure verbal memory, visual memory, visual motor speed and reaction time.

With more than 65 million patients in the ImPACT database, MAC Alliance members are able to rapidly evaluate the test taker’s performance with a percentile score. Health care professionals and educators rely on ImPACT to track recovery of cognitive processes and to make decisions about academic and professional needs following concussion.



More About ImPACT

ImPACT testing was developed by renowned neuroscientists. It’s the same technology already used by thousands of high schools and colleges, by the U.S. Armed Forces for return-to-duty decision-making, and by U.S. professional athletic organizations for decision-making regarding safe return to sports.
See Dr. Michael Collins, from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, explain how ImPACT helps manage and treat patients.

Journal Articles on ImPACT and UPMC

More than 200 journal articles have been published regarding ImPACT and the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center’s concussion efforts. We’ve listed a few of them here.