The MAC Alliance promotes testing of all students grades 6th and 9th whether or not these children are athletes.

Schools and Sports Clubs


ImPACT Testing: The Medical Benchmark

Typical brain imaging such as CAT scanning and MRIs can’t detect or diagnose even the most severe concussions and are only helpful in diagnosing skill fractures or brain bleeding. Baseline concussion testing is a medical benchmark that allows physicians and medical providers an excellent starting point for expected scores on any patient’s post-injury ImPACT test scores. We encourage private sports and travel leagues such as CYO or CYM leagues, YMCA leagues etc. to join the many schools in the area who have already signed up to obtain baseline testing for their participants.

Not Just for Athletes or for Contact Sports

The MAC Alliance promotes testing of all students grades 6th and 9th whether or not these children are athletes. While routinely baseline-tested athletes participate in contact sports such as football, rugby, soccer, field hockey, ice hockey, etc., many concussion patients present to MAC centers with head injuries received:

  • in the school gym
  • in the cafeteria
  • during other non-athletic activities while on school property
  • from non-contact sports such as cheerleading, swimming and golf
Full Access 24/7

The MAC Alliance, promoted by ImPACT, allows continuous sharing of ImPACT test results for all student and athletes by the MAC physicians who are caring for them. Baselines can be easily accessed on weekends or evenings for quick comparison to post-injury test results for diagnostic purposes.

If your school or sports club is not signed yet signed up with the MAC Alliance, please contact us today for more information on how you can provide this service to your student participants and their families.



More About ImPACT

ImPACT testing was developed by renowned neuroscientists. It’s the same technology already used by thousands of high schools and colleges, by the U.S. Armed Forces for return-to-duty decision-making, and by U.S. professional athletic organizations for decision-making regarding safe return to sports.
See Dr. Michael Collins, from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, explain how ImPACT helps manage and treat patients.