Nearly four million people suffer concussions from sports and recreational activities each year.

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Please find below articles of interest pulled from the internet and other sources. We’re continually adding news features that provide more information about new concussion studies, research and findings.

>  Concussions in teen athletes: Making sure the brain is OK before getting cleared to play. The Philadelphia Inquirer. January 11, 2018.

>  Who is to Blame for Post-Concussion Symptoms? ESPN. Featuring “Outside the Lines” commentator Bob Ley interviewing concussion expert Dr. Vincent Schaller. September 21, 2017.

>  Vaccaro, Alexander R., Klasko, Stephen K., Rothman Institute Execs: Our Doctors are Ethically Obligated to be on the Eagles Sidelines. The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 19, 2017.

>  Schaller, Vincent E., Stop Blaming Football for Concussions. The Philadelphia Inquirer. September 13, 2017.

>  Tanier, Mike, The Race is on for a ‘Concussion Pill’ as New NFL Season Begins. September 1, 2017.

>  Glines, Carole, Revoluntionary New ZERO1 Football Helmet May Help NFL Players Reduce Concussions. Fox News. August 8, 2017.

>  Tanner, Lindsey, Brain Disease Seen in Most Football Players in Large Report. The Associated Press. July 25, 2017.

>  Heitner, Darren, NFL Players Have Until August 7 To Register Concussion Claims. Forbes-Sports Money. June 5, 2017.

>  Finding Nittmo – Part 1. ESPN. April 24, 2017.

>  Cosentino, Dom, Concussion Testing Is Flawed, But It’s Not The Real Problem. April 19, 2017.

>  Futterman, Matthew, A 17-Year-Old’s Death Points to Flaws in Concussion Test. Wall Street Journal. April 18, 2017.

>  Fainaru, Mark, Lawyers, Others Vie for Pieces of NFL Concussion Settlement. ESPN. March 29, 2017.

>  Lang, Mike, Concussion Testing of Catholic High School Students. The Dialog. March 3, 2017.

>  Armour, Nancy, Post-Concussion Return Shouldn’t be Up to Parents. USA Today. March 1, 2017.

>  Perez, A.J., NASCAR Concussion Discussion. USA Today. February 23, 2017.

>  James, Brant, Junior’s Return Full of Bumps. USA Today. February 24, 2017.

>  Bond, Michaelle, Young Hockey Player Dies of Head Trauma. Philadelphia Inquirer. February 8, 2017.

>  Miami Dolphins Did Not ‘Strictly’ Follow Protocol, NFL Says. USA Today. January 26, 2017.

>  Armour, Nancy, NHL Should Act on CTE Research. USA Today. January 26, 2017.

>  Rachel Axon, Josh Barnett, Erik Brady and Cam Smith, Football Injuries Shake Families. USA Today. December 14, 2016.

>  Gormley, Chuck, New Protocol is Helping Curb Concussions, but NHL Can Do More, Eric Lindros Says. ESPN. November 15, 2016.

>  Nadia Kounang, Former NFL player Kevin Turner diagnosed with CTE. CNN. November 4, 2016.

>  Changing the Game for Women and Sports.  Women’s Sport Safety Initiative. Fall, 2016.

>  Graham, Tim, Who Do You Think You Are? Bjorn Nittmo?  Buffalo News. September 1, 2016.

>  Armour, Nancy, CTE Study Significant. USA Today. June 6, 2016.

>   Dr. Schaller Highlighted in National Steeplechase Newsletter. National Steeplechase Foundation. Spring 2016.

>  Bell, Jarrett, What if a CTE Diagnosis Was Possible in the Living? USA Today. April 3, 2016.

>  Cha, Ariana Eunjung. Blood Test That Can Find Evidence of a Concussion Days Later is close to Becoming a Reality. Washington Post. March 28, 2016.

>  Boren, Cindy. Dale Earnhardt Jr. Plans to Donate His Brain for Concussion research. Washington Post. March 28, 2016.

>  George, John. Temple, Penn Join $30M Concussion Study. Philadelphia Business Journal. March 10, 2016.

>  Peter, Josh. Quarterbacks Worry About Health. USA Today. February 8, 2016.

>  Burling, Stacey, How a Brain Doctor Watches the Super Bowl. February 7, 2016.

>  Kounnag, Nadia. CTE in the NFL: The Tragedy of Fred McNeill, CNN. February 5, 2016.

>  Hathaway, Bill, Did Henry VIII Suffer Same Brain injury as Some NFL Players? Yale News. February 2, 2016.

>  Bond, Michaelle, Injuries Make an Impact, The Philadelphia Inquirer. January 21, 2016.

>  Chiomento, Kim, Concussion Awareness—A Mom’s Perspective, The Unionville Times. September 25, 2014.

>  Lang, Mike, Finding Peace of Mind After Concussion, The Dialog. September 5, 2014.

> Dr. Vincent E. Schaller MD Treats Student Athletes, Launches Delaware Outpatient Concussion Clinics, Small Business Trendsetters. March 14, 2014.


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