The MAC Alliance database includes more than 60 million patients between the ages of 10 to 60.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Can Impact testing be used for young children?

Our testing is currently certified for individuals over the age of 10. A pediatric version of ImPACT testing is currently being used in Canada for ages six -12. Once the FDA approves it, this version will be available in the United States.

What is the full age range for ImPACT testing?

ImPACT testing is provided for ages 10 through 60. With over 60 million international tests in the database, the percentile results from ImPACT are quite reliable.

Can ImPACT be used even if there is no baseline test done prior to the head injury?

Yes. The MAC Alliance database includes more than 60 million patients between the ages of 10-60.

Who can administer an ImPACT test?

The ImPACT test relies on specialized computer software. Any responsible school staff member (including teachers, school nurse, coach, parent volunteer, etc) can help administer the test. We advise that the test be given in a quiet place with a computer, keyboard and mouse. The website portal is easily accessed by any MAC member with a username and password. In professional medical environments, the test can be administered by front desk staff, radiology technicians, nurses, doctors, etc, who follow the simple manual instructions and use the facility’s proper username and password.

How do you diagnose and treat children under age 10 or adults over age 60?

We have successfully treated patients from ages four through 94. Any age group can be evaluated with a thorough vestibular exam that allows not only diagnosis of the concussion, but ability to follow recovery. Even though the ImPACT test scores are not available in these younger and older ages, the UPMC Concussion Protocols such as brain rest, physical therapy, vestibular therapy and prescription therapy are very successful at all ages.


How does ImPACT score brain function?

ImPACT scores measure four areas: Verbal Memory, Visual Memory, Visual Motor Speed and Reaction Time. Verbal and Visual Memory scores measure the functioning of the area the brain stores memories—like a hard drive. Visual motor speeds and reaction time scores measure functioning of the back of the brain.

Results may be considered as followed:

0% - 25%      Poor functioning of that area of the brain

25% - 50%    OK or FAIR functioning of that area of the brain

50% - 75%    Good functioning of that area of the brain

75% - 100%  Excellent functioning of that area of the brain