Eight cases of Second Impact Syndrome were reported in the U.S. in 2015.

Baseline Testing Importance Proven Once Again


The program we helped initiate at the Diocese of Wilmington two years ago, thanks to a generous grant from ATI Physical Therapy and Dynamic Physical Therapy Associates, continues to pay big dividends for student athletes and their families. Our baseline “ImPACT” computer testing is set up in a video game format and takes less than a half-hour to complete. In this seemingly simple test, we can actually test memory, reaction time, brain processing speed and concentration for each child in an easy fashion.

This baseline brain test then serves as a key benchmark, helping medical staff and coaches evaluate normal cognitive brain functions should a head injury occur. This test is repeated after a head injury, allowing us to determine if scores have dropped and what, if any, treatment is needed. In the case of young student Reid Dalton who experienced a football injury, testing helped us determine that Reid needed to take his concussion very seriously, taking a few weeks off from school, a break from sports, following a safe exercise routine and getting lots of brain rest.

Our program, ImPACT, is an FDA- approved concussion assessment tool for ages 5-59. ImPACT testing is used by the NHL, MLB, NASCAR, U.S. National Soccer Team, by thousands of high schools and by most top college sports programs!

Have you had an experience using ImPACT testing that helped you or your child after an unfortunate head injury? Contact us today with your story and let us know if we can feature you in a future blog.




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