Since our inception, the MAC Alliance has grown to include more than 100 area medical practitioners and schools.



Dr. Vincent E. Schaller formed the Mid-Atlantic Concussion (MAC) Alliance in 2011. His chief goal is to facilitate the spread of new concussion technologies from the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC)’s renowned five-stages of exertion therapy (physical and vestibular therapy) post-concussion management program to the Mid-Atlantic states.  Our members are clinician specialists who have earned the title of Credentialed ImPACT Consultants (CIC) by undergoing specialized impact training in concussion care management with the ImPACT Protocol (Immediate Post-Concussion Assessment and Cognitive Testing, the country’s most widely used and scientifically validated computerized concussion evaluation system.

Since our inception, clinician membership in the MAC Alliance has grown to include more than 100 area urgent care physicians, physical therapy centers and Delaware and Pennsylvania schools, as well as a variety of primary care physicians, ophthalmologists, and chiropractic centers. The application of UPMC/ImPACT concussion protocols has also grown exponentially. We’re continually certifying more and more medical professionals in concussion diagnosis and UPMC treatment as well as training them in proper vestibular screening and vestibular and physical therapies.

Sharing Concussion Knowledge

We strongly encourage baseline testing for all student athletes, regardless of whether they are participating in contact sports. With most injuries occurring after medical office hours or on weekends, we also urge that baseline testing and post-injury ImPACT results be shared between schools, sport programs and local medial professionals for quick access.

School and Sports Leagues Sponsor Program

The MAC Alliance also promotes the School and Sports Leagues Sponsor Program. Local businesses are paired with local schools and athletic leagues to sponsor baseline testing where the ImPACT program does not yet exist. If you are interested in learning more about the program, please contact us for more information.

More about Vincent Schaller, MD, CIC
MAC Alliance Founder

Dr. Schaller is a board-certified physician and Medical Director at MAC Concussion Centers in Hockessin, Delaware. A graduate of Penn State University College of Medicine, Milton Hershey Medical Center, Dr. Schaller launched the MAC Alliance in response to an alarming, growing number of local student athletes and what he discovered was a very limited number of available, area concussion specialists. He has conducted concussion education at more than 30 schools and community functions.

A member of the American Board of Family Medicine, Dr. Schaller is affiliated with six local hospitals and has been a five-year honoree for the Compassionate Doctor Award.


Success Story:

In 2013, because Dr. Schaller was seeing injuries not only in athletes, but also in students injured in gym class, on the playground or just in the school environment, he started a new initiative as the Medical Director of the Diocese of Wilmington. With the sponsorship of Dynamic Physical Therapy and Delaware Orthopedic Specialists, the “All Student Baseline Testing Program” was initiated in all 24 Catholic Diocese of Wilmington Schools.

By doing so, Dr. Schaller ensured that all 6th and 9th grade students receive ImPACT baseline testing. Since the program’s inception, many results have already been successfully used to diagnose and treat concussions in both athletes and non-athletes.

A big shout out to Dynamic Physical Therapy and Delaware Orthopedic Specialists for advancing student safety and improving post-concussion outcomes!